The Faceless

Today’s post is a short story… Read it and decide yourself is it true or not? Happy Reading!

[Japanese words used: Konbanwa – Good Evening, Yo – Informal Greeting, Moshi moshi – Hello (over the phone), Ohayo – Good morning, Hai – Yes, Baka – Idiot]

Jan 3rd, 2009, Noon, Tokyo;

He moved slowly, quietly, opening every door of the hallway, but couldn’t find Satoshi. Satoshi was long gone now all left was his legend.

It all started from the Tsukiji (local fish market) in Tokyo. The conversation with the well known vendor will move Satoshi so much, he would have never dreamt. Here is how the legend goes (in form of dialogue)…

Feb 11th, 2001;

Satoshi: ‘Hey Naoto, How much is that Mackerel for?’
Naoto: ‘900 Yen’ just for you Satoshi.
Satoshi: That’s costly Naoto!
Naoto: Can’t do anything Satoshi, they say taxes will further increase. Our profits are marginalized, Yoshirō has been a doom for this country.
Satoshi: Easy Naoto. Here (hands over money)
Naoto: There is no way out Satoshi. Anyway, Konbanwa!
Satoshi: Konbanwa o/

7 years Later (After Graduating); April 29th, 2008, 8:00 PM

(Phone rings)

Shinjiro: Moshi moshi
Satoshi: Shinjirō, we need to talk in person.
Shinjiro: Why, What happened? Are you alright?
Satoshi: I am great Shinji, I think we are gonna change the world! Now, listen I can’t say much over phone. Meet me at Fuglen
Shinjiro: Ok, comrade. I will be there in an hour.

(An hour later)

Satoshi: Yō Man, we are a mixed generation aren’t we. Anyway, I don’t have much time. Do you know how to find: “Enkaku”.
Shinjiro: No, its never easy to track him.
Satoshi: C’mon man think hard, it can’t be that difficult.
Shinjiro: Will you tell me what happened?
Satoshi: You remember Merkle Tree, I have found a way to use it to Decentralize the world.
Shinjiro: I don’t know what you mean.
Satoshi: Never mind Shinjirō, I can explain you later. Right now it’s very important to meet “Enkaku“.Only he can liberate us.
Shinjiro: Let me try.
Satoshi: But fast, clock is ticking…
Shinjiro: Sure.

Few days Later; May 3rd, 2008

(Welcome to BBC News, Nine death so far, this killer is definitely on Spree, Police has not yet…)

(Phone rings)

Shinjiro: Ohayo
Satoshi: Ohayo, Shinjirō!
Shinjiro: We got him.
Satoshi: Great!
Shinjiro: But their is a problem, he is in Austria.
Satoshi: No problem, I never thought it’s gonna be that easy. Hold your Pants Shinjirō, we are flying!

After a few months, July 21st, 2008, Vienna Austria

(knock knock)

Shinjiro: Yō Enkaku
Enkaku: (Shocked), what do you want? How did you find me?
Shinjiro: It’s never been difficult to find you my friend, is it?
Satoshi: So, hey, enough of introduction let’s come to the point! I need you Enkaku!
Enkaku: Satoshi, I don’t know why you need me, but I am here for some serious Business. So please leave me alone.
Satoshi: Sure, Enkaku, But I have Billion dollar offer!
Shinjiro: Yes, Enkaku – You gotta listen to us. We came all the way from Tokyo just to meet you.
Enkaku: I am sorry, I don’t owe you anything, you are my friend therefore I am warning you last time, please leave or I will make you leave this earth. (Enkaku shows gun)
Shinjiro: Enkaku, don’t be mad okay, you don’t need to do this, we are not here to get you caught, we are not here for the bounty against your name. We are here to ‘Change the World
Enkaku: Lol, Change the world, the person who can’t change his pants want to change this world.
Satoshi: We are serious, we are gonna revolutionize this world! and in the process each one of us will make Billion Dollar. All I need you to do is solve the cryptographic puzzle for me.
Enkaku: Do I look like a Joker, we are not the school friends anymore, and this is not a class!
Shinjiro: Kaku, Satoshi has found a way to use Merkle Tree to transfer the cash.
Satoshi: Well not exactly, but kind-of! And you are the brilliant most hacker I know.

Few hours Later

Shinjiro: What do you think, he gonna come?
Satoshi: I think so; Lets’ have a vacation.

August 11th, 2008, Back to Tokyo

Satoshi: Ohayo, Shinjirō… its the dawn!

8:00 AM, Fuglen Cafe

Enkaku: A Cappuccino please!, what?
Satoshi: (staring Kaku) Nothing, You truly have become a Westerner.
Enkaku: They have f**k’d with my mind buddy!
Satoshi: Okay, Let’s come to the point. We are going to need a Super-computer
Enkaku: (Laughs) No, Satoshi, I have found the way. 4 Desktops – 4 Public addresses will be enough to kickstart the network.
Shinjiro: ‘What about the key?’
Enkaku: We will use a secp256k1 ECDSA standard for Private Key and SHA256 for Cryptographic hash.
Shinjiro: ‘Do you think it will work?’
Enkaku: Not sure.
Satoshi: Even I am not 100% sure, Shinjiro. But if it works we are gone be Billionaires, I mean think about that.
Enkaku: Will need a place for trial and error.
Satoshi: My Place, Kaku
Shinjiro: okay then, let’s do it! (all 3 joins hand)

Few Months Later, Nov 3rd, 2008

Shinjiro: It is not working.
Enkaku: I am tired, I would have hacked some bank servers instead.
Satoshi: Idk, what to say… I don’t believe it! We might be doing something wrong.
Shinjiro: No Satoshi, It was never suppose to work.
Enkaku: Yes, Shinjiro is right, it is just not feasible! In past Digicash, WebMoney nothing worked. That’s not how it works!
Satoshi: Yes, thats not how it works, we must be doing something wrong.
Shinjiro: I am leaving
Satoshi: Stay Shinjiro
(Kaku silently follows)

23rd December 2008

(Phone rings)

Satoshi: I found it, Shinjiro!
Shinjiro: I am leaving for the University, this Spring! Sorry Satoshi (phone disconnects)

(Phone rings)

Satoshi: It is happening, Kaku.
Enkaku: What??? You sure, Satoshi?
Satoshi: Yes, It works, its like a simple linked list with few blocks. But bad news is Shinjiro is not in!
Enkaku: Don’t mind him, leave him to me. Let’s meet tomorrow.

8:00 AM, Following Day

Satoshi: Ohayo, Shinjiro.
Shinjiro: Let’s do it.
Enkaku: But we need a extra desktop
Shinjiro: My Dad!
Enkaku: Are you mad Shinjiro, he is the prime minister of this Country.
Shinjiro: He was*… Never mind, as long as you give him his share.
Satoshi: Thats not a problem
okay, 35, 25, 25, 15! (I get 35%, You and Kaku 25%, 10% for your Dad)
Shinjiro: Make sense
Enkaku: Let’s create Gensis Block and allocate it!
Satoshi: Yes, Kaku, lets’ do it!

Dec 25th, 2008

Satoshi: Merry Christmas Friends, Lets make it online.
Shinjiro: We can’t.
Enkaku: What happened, Shinjiro.
Shinjiro: Shinzo has tapped into our devices.
Satoshi: Now, who is he?
Shinjiro: Our current Prime Minister, Baka!
Satoshi: Eee… You see that’s why the world need Decentralized Peer-to-Peer Systems!
Shinjiro: Give me sometime, I will figure out something!
Enkaku: You better be fast Shinji!

Jan 1st, 2009

(Phone rings)

Shinjiro: Moshi moshi, Happy New Year Comrade!
Satoshi: Let’s make it fast, we can’t wait.
Shinjiro: What happened, Are you alright Satoshi?
Satoshi: I don’t know… I will explain you all, let’s meet tomorrow Fuglen.
Shinjiro: Have you called Kaku?
Satoshi: No, Shinjiro; will inform him later. Now do as I say please.
Shinjiro: Hai (phone disconnects)

Jan 2nd, 2009

(Phone rings)

Shinjiro: Where were you Satoshi?, I waited for an hour. Your phone was also unreachable. I even checked with Kaku, but he knew nothing.
Satoshi: What did you tell Kaku?
Shinjiro: Nothing, I told Enkaku nothing, I just asked about you.
Satoshi: Good, now listen tomorrow ‘Hotel Crypto, Vanilla Street!’ at 7:00 AM, alone.

Jan 3rd, 2009, 7:00 AM

Shinjiro: Ohayo, Satoshi
Satoshi: I don’t have much time here, this document has everything you need to know. Now, go and make the systems online, I have shifted them to a secure location and all information that can be traced back to us is deleted, you just have to execute the blockchain. As soon as its done, ‘Bitcoin’ will be online! (hands him detailed document)
Shinjiro: But where are you leaving? Why you haven’t called Kaku?
Satoshi: I am leaving this country! Because Enkaku wants to kill me.
Shinjiro: I am not gonna do it alone…
Satoshi: Don’t mind Shinjiro, It was never a good idea to involve him. Now its your work to let the ‘Phoenix rise from ashes of centralization!’ Our Cities need it.


And that’s how world got its first CryptoCurrency.

Guide to Crypto ->

[Disclaimer: No Character has any resemblance to real world entity; Picture Credits – Google]

Thanks for reading. Please do feedback and let us know if you liked it! ❤

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