Disclaimer – Below is a short story based on true story but names of places and people used are fictitious. Ameer is a character, Ameer in English also means ‘Rich’.

Ludhiana, Punjab, 7th June, 2017, 5:00 PM

Ameer – She has finally agreed for CCD!

Kavit – Congo Bro, ullu bani (befooled)

Ameer – Okay, so be there tomorrow at 9 and call Deepak too.

CCD, Ludhiana, the other day, 9 am

Shweta – Ji, Ameer aap hai ? (Are you Ameer?)

Kavit – Nhi, abhi tak to gareeb hu (No, I am not yet rich) but soon

Ameer – Chup re (Shut up) Kavit. I am Ameer.

Shweta – Ohh sorry,

Ameer – No problem, please sit down till we wait for Deepak Sir.

(Shweta orders a latte, and sits down scrolling through her mobile, no one else has ordered anything else)

Shweta – Ji, Aapka friend ne mujhe bataya ki (your friend told me) you are looking to recruit.

Ameer – Yes, we are, actually Deepak sir can only tell the details. We work for him.

Shweta – What kind of work will it be ?

Kavit – Don’t worry you will be one of us, we are like family. We will just have to recruit more people.

Shweta – Sorry, I didn’t understand.

Ameer – Chup kar Kavit, sorry Shweta lets not discuss much. Deepak sir is just arriving.

(A petite guy with moustache comes in, and every on table stands up)

Kavit – Hi Sir

Ameer – Hi Sir

Deepak – Hi guys, sorry Kavit but can you lend me 50 bucks, I forgot my wallet.

Kavit – (looks to Ameer confused)

Shweta – (after few seconds of silence) No prob sir here, have it.

Deepak – (takes money pay cab, and comes back to cafe) Ask if Shweta can order him a cup of coffee as he is sweating.

Shweta – she did out generosity (she is now getting frustrated)

Ameer – (seeing look on her face) Sir shall we start.

Deepak – yes sure, let me ask you a question ‘What is your dream car Sweety’?

Ameer – (corrects) Sir Shweta

Deepak – Yes Shweta

Shweta – Sir, I haven’t thought about it. Maybe Honda City.

Deepak – So Cheap. Ameer you tell

Ameer – Char Chudi waali (4 bangles car) , Audi

Deepak – Kavit

Kavit – Audi always sir, Audi.

Deepak – See, you work with us, you dream big.

Shweta – But sir what is work.

Deepak – Ohh Sweety, hold on we will come to that.

Shweta – Shweta sir, sweety nhi

Deepak – Sorry, yes Shweta, so now let’s do an excercise close ur eyes and imagine a big bunglow a big car and naukar chakar (servants)

Shweta – Sir but What all this has to do with job.

Deepak – Ameer ye kisse le aaye yaar (Ameer who have you brought)

Ameer – Shh, sir will get angry.

Shweta – closes eyes and imagine. And then opened her eyes.

Deepak – how did it felt ?

Shweta – good

Deepak – you know you will be there soon. I am going to get Audi next year, Ameer will have next to next , Kavit will have idk maybe in 5 years. And you too can have it in next to next year

Shweta – But what is the job.

Deepak – I am coming to it. All you will have to do is become our partner,it is not a job actually, it’s a business, my own startup. And to be partner of our multi million dollar firm, all you need to do is become a member a partner.

Shweta – What, I came for job you are selling me ponzi scheme ?

Ameer – No, it is not any scheme. It is legit! All you need to do is invest like us.

Shweta – you fools, do you think I am idiot. F***

(Ameer, Kavit & Deepak shocked as Shweta leaves the Cafe)

Deepak – Kia tha bey ye? (what was that?)

Ameer – I don’t know, Rahul said she is in desparate need for work.

Deepak – kissi ko bhi shakal dekh ke le aate ho bey (you bring anyone just by seeing their face). Time kharab kara dia weekend (you wasted my weekend)

Kavit – Deepak tu waise bhi free tha (Deepak you were any way free)

Deepak – Shut-up (stands and leave)

Kavit – Ameer, Deepak left, Shweta left, now what should we do.

Ameer – we will also leave, what else.

Kavit – But we desparately need someone, it is being months we haven’t recruited anyone and now even my boss has refused me promotion on job.

Ameer – Job is anyway foolish. It has never helped anyone.

Kavit – What about Kiran, shall we recruit him in?

Ameer – No bro , idk, he don’t have much money, what if he has to sell land to pay upfront cost of 3 lakh.

Kavit – Apne ko kia bhai (it doesn’t matter to us). It is his tension.

Ameer – Baat toh sahi hai (you are correct!) Let’s call him.

A year later….

Haramiyo tumne mujhe fasa dia, (You trapped me you ****) Now I have lost all my wealth. Karma will take care of you fraudsters and above all that Auto-rickshaw guy ‘Deepak’.

“25 year old Kiran (fictitious name) from an Indian village get convinced by a few friends to invest (as they say it) few lakhs which he arranged selling a piece of land that he inherited, and unable to further recruit others, in turn he convince his family members who end up selling more of their livelihood, their land, finally losing all they had in pursuit of a secure glaring bright future which was never ever possible by the Scheme!”

Two years later… 2019.

Finally 32 years old Deepak was arrested for the scam. But the Money was never recovered.

This is just one Story of the many untold!

Beware of any such get rich quick scheme. Inspired by the true story behind this fiction, we wrote an article to get you to keep your money safe!

Read the full article here on Fraudulent Schemes.

After all, Family is worth more than Money! Understand the Worth of Money and follow – for Financial Literacy.

Dedicated to my Friend’s Cousin Kiran

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